Best Smoke Device For You

Water Pipe
These are for more experienced smokers. A water pipe has a percolation chamber that converts smoke into water vapor. Two popular water pipes are bongs and bubblers. The smoke is cooled by the water before you inhale it. There are traditional hookahs, which are stationary, and portable pipe options.



This is a type of pipe that uses water to diffuse the smoke, making for a smooth hit. There are two types, a one piece, and one with a removable bowl. Both types of bubblers are easy to clean, as well as discreet to carry with you.



Bongs are the best way to get a massive hit. Besides this, the benefit to using a bong is the water. It not only cools off the smoke but also reduces things like resin and nicotine. The bong is made up of 5 pieces. The first is a tube or base (which can vary in size) that is filled with a small amount of water. The second is a downstem, which is a tube that is fitted into the base and the water. It can be slotted to allow for more bubbles. The carb is a hole in the base to allow for clean air flow, while the bowl is where the herb is packed. Finally, there is the percolator creates bubbles in the water once smoke is drawn through the tube.



Probably the healthiest way to get your hit. You’re simply getting the vapor of your weed. You are not getting any of that extra debris in your body. You don’t inhale smoke, but you do enjoy the pleasing impact of your cannabis.

Vapes were originally designed for a healthier alternative to smoking but it works for this too. The way a vape works is that it gets the cannabis hot enough to release the good compounds, but it doesn’t burn up the cannabis. If you vape, there is a subtler, but more pleasing effect.



Hand Pipe
This is the most common pipes that weed smokers use. It’s easy to pack and you can just throw it in your purse or bag.

It’s great for those smoking on the go. They are the best one for beginners because they don’t provide huge hits. That means you can enjoy the high without being overwhelmed by accessories or the cleaning process.



One-Hitter Pipes
One-hitters are great if you’re trying to be discrete. Not only are they used for this but they’re also good for moderating how much you smoke. You can limit the number of times you smoke during the day while you are on the go. Plus, they are easy to slip into your bag without taking up much space. A one hitter also is already packed, so no need to bring an extra stash container.

If you’re a pretty casual smoker and only want to smoke a limited amount, these are a nice pick for you.



This is a relatively creative way to get your hit. As strange as it is, it’s actually a fairly popular method.

Grab an apple and cut a bowl into the top. You also have to create a chamber for your smoke to roll through. To do this, you simply need to cut out the core. After that, cut out a place in the side for your mouth and you’re good to go.

The result is an amazing taste as you smoke, as it creates a smoky apple flavor with your marijuana.



If you’re looking for long hits but not from a bong, these work fine. These are usually long, simple tubes and unlike a bong, don’t contain water or any extras. That makes it easy for you to take it on the go, simply because you don’t need to worry about taking multiple accessories.

They allow you to quickly and easily get your hit and move on with your life.



This is a small, straight pipe that’s only good for a couple of hits. It’s a pretty straightforward, simple piece. That makes it easy to clean and simple to store. If you are a casual smoker and not looking to make a big investment in a pipe, then this one could be the right fit for you.

Like the one-hitters, this one is also good if you’re a casual smoker looking to smoke a limited amount.



Dab Rig
If you’re looking for a really strong hit, a dab rig might be a good choice for you. There are more tools required for this but it’s really worth it. The main part of the rig, known as the nail, might resemble a traditional bong and is made of titanium, glass, or quartz that hold the heated dab concentrate. The nail is typically made of a substance that can withstand the high temperatures necessary to vaporize that concentrate. It has been engineered not to catch anything on fire and can provide the same benefits with one puff of vapor that it takes three or four puffs to get with a typical bong.

Unlike a lot of other smoking methods, you can get a pretty nice buzz going off of a single hit.