Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine
Synthetic Urine
Synthetic Urine
Synthetic Urine



The ideal alternative to natural urine. Made and quality tested in a laboratory following strict rules and regulations, and using the latest research and evidence, this fake pee is designed to not only to replicate natural urine in regard to chemistry, but it is also designed to look and feel like natural urine, too.

What is Synthetix5?

Synthetix5 is a truly unique product. It’s fake urine that has been formulated using in-depth research and scientific methods to replicate natural urine. Synthetix5, the company that manufactures this product, is famed for their extensive clinical lab work. We are constantly working to refine and further perfect our formula, ensuring that it has the perfect balance for any application.

This synthetic urine perfectly matches the pH balance of real urine, as well as the specific gravity, creatinine, urea, and uric acid, among other qualities that are present in the real thing. In addition to meeting all of the chemical criteria of natural urine, Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine also feels and looks just like the real thing.

It’s also completely free of toxins and exterior elements that could potentially compromise its quality and effectiveness.

What Does Synthetix5 Include?

Synthetix5 comes with everything that you need to use it, and use it properly.

Inside each kit of Synthetix5 you’ll find:

  • A 3.5 oz bottle of Syntetix5 Synthetic Urine
  • 1 self-adhesive heating pad
  • 1 flip top cap for easy pour
  • Complete and easy to follow instructions

How Do You Use Synthetix5?

Using Synthetix5 is so simple, you actually won’t believe it. In fact, it’s so quick and easy to use that you will be done preparing your fake urine in the same amount of time than it would take you to use the restroom naturally; if not even quicker!

Each kit of Synthetix5 comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions. However, so that you have an understanding of how you’ll use it, here’s a quick introduction to the process:

  • Remove the top off of the Synthetix5 bottle.
  • Place the bottle in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds.
  • Once it is heated, place a temperature strip in it to find out how hot it is. The temperature should be somewhere between 94 and 100 degrees F (the same temperature as natural urine.) If the reading is higher than 100 degrees F, allow it to cool and retest it. If it is lower than 94 degrees F, try heating it up again and retesting the temperature. If you cannot get a reading, but the bottle feels warm to the touch, it’s probably too warm. Make sure that you allow it to cool and that you get a visible temperature reading before using it.
  • Attach the included self-adhesive heating pad around the bottle. This will maintain the temperature of your Synthetix5. If kept in your clothing with the heating pad wrapped around it, it should maintain a temperature of near 100 degrees F for up to 6 hours.

That’s it! Using Synthetix5 is really that simple!

WARNING: This product is not intended for unlawful use and is not intended for human consumption. Keep product away from children, kit contains small plastic parts, harmful if swallowed. Consumer agrees to all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws concerning the legal use of this product.

Legal Disclaimer: The Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine products are sold as novelty urine. Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine accept no responsibility for any subsequent use and application of any of these products. This does not affect your statutory rights.