About US



2010- Was on public transportation (#25 New Jersey Transit Bus) heading home from the food warehouse job. Had a thought to start a Business 


2011- Started Vapor Fogg LLC


2016- Started the website- (www.vaporfogg.com) (It was just a vape shop at that time)


2017- Made my first sell (It was just a home business)


2018- Got ranked in the top 22% most searched in my industry in the USA. Top 85% International


2018- Got kicked off One website online platform for what i was selling.


2018-2019-) Got on a new platform but the government change the laws on getting vape and tobacco products at your house.


2019-2020-) Kicked out of four banks that didn't want to do business with me because of the cannabis industry


2021-2022-) Open the first retail location 


2023-Present-) Closed retail location. Company back online to pursue CANNABIS DEGREE