Nic Salts

nicotine salts eliquid formula



Glossary of Terms

Nic Salt – Smooth, high nicotine strength .


There are differences between freebase nicotine and nicotine salts but what makes nicotine salts different boils down to two key components:


Smoother throat hit
Better nicotine absorbability

What this means is that you will be able to vape at higher nicotine strengths while getting a smoother throat hit. It also means that you will be efficiently getting more nicotine than what is currently on the market which explains the kick you get from vaping nicotine salt.



Nicotine salts are not recommended for high-powered devices because of the higher nicotine levels in nic salts.


Nicotine salts use high nicotine strengths such as 50 mg nicotine levels compared to the usual 3 or 6 mg & 12mg in regular e-juices. Low wattage devices are perfect for nicotine salt because you don’t need to consume as much vapor to get the same amount of nicotine in a high powered device.