Differentces between Box Mods and Vape Batteries


  1.  Technically, box mods and vape batteries both contain batteries that provide heat for the coils.
  2.  Both are used to power an attached heating chamber or atomizer for the purpose of vaporizing herbs,wax or oils.
  3. They both can have long battery lives.
  4.  Both box mods and vape pens can have adjustable wattage settings.
  5. Both can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.


  1.  A box mod is always a larger, box-shaped high-tech battery, whereas the general term “vape battery” can include the thin, Stylus pen vape batteries.
  2.  Box mods are much more customizable than vape batteries.
  3.  Vape batteries are easier to use with pre-made cartridges.
  4.  Box mods are more powerful and can create much larger clouds than vape batteries.
  5. Vape pens are much more discreet than mods.
  6. Box mods create bigger clouds and larger hits than pens.
  7. There are more options for better quality batteries to put in your piece with box mods.



  1.  Box mods hold a lot of charge so they can easily last all day and longer. Plus, in the long term, these batteries typically last for longer periods of time.
  2.  Some vape battery options are very compact and very easy to travel with. In addition, they can be very discreet while using.
  3. Box mods can be altered in many different ways to make your ideal vaporizer for concentrates, e juices, or whatever your preferences are.
  4. Vape batteries come in many different varieties and are cost effective and reliable.


  1.  Smaller, stylus pen style vape batteries don’t hold much charge and they are not as durable as box mods.
  2.  Although portable, box mods can be larger and bulkier than other alternatives.  And with that they are not nearly as discreet as the smaller vape batteries. Powerful box mods can use up a lot of battery and result in shorter battery lives than the more power-efficient vape pens.
  3. While some varieties do offer it, temperature adjustment functionality is more commonly found on box mods and allows for a perfect temperature hit every time.

Today, box mods and vape pens alike may be the devices in which manufacturers focus on the most. Most of the big companies carry box mods and vape batteries in a wide array of sizes and power levels. These are just a few of the features that might find When you buy box mods online

  • Variable settings for wattage, voltage, temperature or all three.
  • Muchhigher power range than a vape pen.
  • Veryhigh battery capacity, often more than 4,000 mAh.
  • Charging and/orfirmware upgrades via USB.
  • Digital displays showing current settings, atomizer resistance, battery charge level, and error messages.


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