Beamer Ice Drops-Cherrylicious - 50g Jar



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  • Smokes / Vapes more than 2 hours in ANY Hookah Bowl. Typical bowl smokes 3-4 hours! 10 seconds to fill the bowl & 2 seconds to clean! TOBACCO AND NICOTINE FREE = NO TOBACCO TAX! TASTE UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU HAD!
  • Switch to a WORLDWIDE Brand that has achieved worldwide use & success, lifetime customers & customer satisfaction
  • Better taste & clouds than tobacco. Made by Beamer ¨ Hookah Company in Detroit, Michigan USA. Patent Pending
  • Beamer Ice Drops ¨ are available in over 40 flavors in 5 sizes in SEALED bags inside Jars Ð 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, &1000g bags (Kilo comes in 2 500g bags) Ultra Premium Beamer Ice Drops ¨ 50g Hookah Smoking Gel for Real Hookah! Beamer Ice Drops ¨ smokes in ANY Hookah bowl for over 2 HOURS! Typical bowls last 3-4 hours! Beamer Ice Drops ¨ have better taste and clouds than tobacco, come sealed in a bag, Made in Detroit, Michigan USA & Patent pending. Beamer Ice Drops ¨ are available in over 40 Mouth Watering flavors in 5 sizes (50g Jar, 100g Jar, 250g Jar, 500g Bag, 1000g (2 500g Bags). Search - Beamer Hookah - for all Beamer ¨ Products on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To Make a head of Beamer Ice Drops ¨, Simply let gel fall into ANY Hookah Bowl, fill to top & cover with foil! Set up & Clean up take less than 15 seconds! Gel color may vary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beamer Ice Drops ¨ are NOT steam stones! Beamer Ice Drops ¨ are NOT Herbal! Beamer Ice Drops ¨ are NOT tobacco! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Beamer Company was founded to give the discerning hookah smoker a premium class smoking experience. Beamer's ¨ massive burst of flavor and enormous clouds of smoke provide the ultimate hookah pleasure. If you want to escape to incredible taste and enormous clouds, then Beamer ¨ Hookah is the choice to make. Perfect ingredients, perfect blend, perfect choice. Each flavor is crafted to deliver supreme taste and colossal clouds of delight. Each smoking experience comes with the finest flavor imaginable and incredible clouds of smoke. Beamer ¨ is endlessly working on new flavors that will unquestionably arouse your taste buds! With the new No Smoking Law in many states, Beamer Ice Drops ¨ CAN BE SMOKED IN BUSINESSES and RESTAURANTS BECAUSE IT IS NOT TOBACCO (depending on your states law)! Beamer Ice Drops ¨ Supports the United States Economy!

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