Humble Juice (Vape the Rainbow) E-liquid (120mL)



Primary Flavors: Rainbow Sorbet, Mixed Fruit Candies 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Vape The Rainbow E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. and enjoy an abundant amount of incredible fruit flavors all mashed together into one exciting e-liquid blend! Vape The Rainbow E-Liquid has become a flavor that’s been grabbing everyone’s attention. It features an overload of refreshing, fruity flavors all bundled together to create a puzzling, yet delicious flavor experience. While its true flavors may remain a mystery, from the very first inhale you’ll notice in taste a rainbow of flavors that’s hard to distinguish between one another. The exhale proves just as much difficult, releasing an oral crash course of sweet and mildly tart candy flavors that’s sure to leave you confused, yet satisfied! This 120ML bottle features an incredible balance, having a mix of 80/20 for those that enjoy plenty of vapor and just the right amount of flavor.

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