Candy King (Swedish) On Ice E-liquid (100mL)



Primary Flavors: Red Gummy Fish Candy, Menthol

Housed in a 100ML bottle and featuring a taste that dates all the way back to the 1950’s, Candy King Swedish on Ice is an impressive flavor that allows you to experience the little red gummy fish candies in a vapor form. These fish shaped candies have continued to be a huge hit with people all around the world as a result of the unique taste it offers. You can now lavish your taste buds with the same taste that combines a sweet mix of lingonberry and other orchard fruits, but with the addition of a cool and refreshing hint of menthol. This cool and tasty mix offers an exciting mouthwatering experience with each vape, and you’ll come to find Candy King Swedish on Ice e-liquid will easily become a replacement for your all-day-vape flavor! Enjoy this deliciously shivering flavor with a 70/30 ratio, which provides an incredible balance of flavor and vapor!

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