Rasta Wraps 1 1/2 Inch Rolling Papers

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Rasta Wraps


It is about to get a bit Caribbean with these rolling papers that are going to be what you need in order to have a good time taking a couple of tokes. If you are not familiar with the brand Rasta Wraps then you certainly should as soon as possible so that you do not go any longer missing out on greatness. Some of us love to indulge in our dry herbs with the help of some good rolling papers. There is nothing wrong about keeping things a bit old fashion. Slow Burning Rolling Papers is the name of the papers that are going to be high-quality and worth using all the time. These rolling papers will be slow-burning and they will definitely allow you to enjoy your dry herbs at your own pace. Don't you just hate when you roll up your dry herbs in some paper, but the paper seems to be consuming the herbs faster than you? They did not pay for it! Anyways, with every booklet, you will receive 32 leaves to use whenever you'd like. Breazy Green knows how to bring the right products to the people, and by working with Rasta Wraps, we know you will most likely have a great time using their products.


Product Features:

Slow Burning
Size: 1 1/2
High-Quality Papers
Package Includes: