The Electronic Cigarette Alternative

The information on this web site is for smokers of legal smoking age looking for an alternative to tobacco. Please be sure to read my disclaimer. 

Electronic cigarettes are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to smoking tobacco. So what are ecigs, how do they work and what are the benefits?

About this guide

This guide to e-cigarettes is designed for absolute beginners and much of it is based on my own experience. 

The ecig community is rapidly growing and in that community are many dedicated "vapers" who experiment with all sorts of equipment and consumables. 

Fascinating as the reviews and information they provide can be, it can be confusing to those new to this alternative to smoking; so this web site just serves to provide some basic information to help you decide whether ecigs may be right for you.

How do e-cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that can be used as an alternative to smoking. Pressing a button or taking a draw (depending on the model) activates the device.

How to vape

When vaping with an electronic cigarette, the drawback method is a little different to a tobacco cigarette. While with tobacco it's common to take a small draws before inhaling, with an ecig, you should take longer, slower draws - usually lasting a few seconds. When you then inhale the draw, instead of holding it in as you would when smoking, you exhale immediately.

It doesn't take long to get used to this small difference.

The absorption of nicotine is a little slower with e-cigarettes and much of it occurs through the mucous membranes of the mouth, so it's important not to keep puffing away. Vape a couple of times, wait for a little bit to see if you are then comfortable. Over time you'll determine how frequently you'll need to vape.

Given the longer delay, it's probably a good idea not to leave it too long after your last puff of a tobacco cigarette before trying an ecig; in order to keep your nicotine levels stable (assuming you are using a nicotine based liquid).

Is vaping healthy? 

Few studies by suitably qualified medical professionals and researchers that indicate how much less harmful vaping is compared to smoking tobacco.